Libro Cafe


3 weeks, 2019 Fall

2 weeks, 2020 Fall


Branding, UX research

UI visual design, Prototype


Libro Cafe is a modern-day cafe that introduces the novelty of reading literature and lounging in a cafe. Guest will appreciate the warm and relaxing environment that Libro Cafe offers. The word Libro is inspired by the Spanish word for “book”.

The app is an online shopping app that helps regular customers and new customers of Libro Cafe to skip the line up through contactless shopping.


I first started the project with James Halin for the branding part in 2019 fall. Later, when COVID-19 happened, I saw a lot of small businesses in Vancouver doing their websites for online shopping. Inspiring by that, I created the shopping app by myself in 2020 Fall.

On this page, the first part is about branding (click here for branding), and the second part is the app (click here for the app).



Figma, Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator


The Logo

Our core value is to provide a place where guests can feel welcomed and warm. Guest can study, read, socialize, and most importantly, feel like they are at home. 

The simple but friendly logo invites guests to a warm and welcoming environment. It also generates curiosity and makes guest visit the cafe. The overall roundness of the design captures the friendliness and soft tones.


Using the Gestalt principles, the logo’s shape uses closure to showcase the shape of a coffee cup and book. The object is not completely enclosed but enough of the shape is indicated to be perceived as a book and cup.


Logo Colour

We chose a dark green and light brown colour palette. The dark green colour gives people a feeling of calm which makes people feel enjoying reading. The light brown colour is the colour of coffee, and it also adds some warmness to the logo. Combining these two colour, it fits our branding value.

Dark Green


Light Brown



The typeface we decided on for our logotype is Circular Standard. It’s an evolution from Paul Renner’s Futura font; Circular brings it to a modern era. It’s a simple and round Sans Serif that brings warmness and softness to any design. 

Logo Sketches

My sketch:

James' Sketch


Coffee shop sign

Coffee bags

The app home screen

Business Card

The App

Because of COVID-19, many small businesses in Vancouver have built their online shopping site. Hence, I created the online shopping app for Libro Coffee.


Target Users

  • main users will be regular customers of Libro coffee

  • new customers who live nearby Libro coffee

The Problem

Because of Covid-19, the regular customers of Libro Coffee prefer less contact with others such as cashiers at Libro Coffee and people in the line. However, they still want to enjoy the good coffee and food from Libro Coffee.

The Goal of the App

The app helps users make contactless orders in Libro Cafe and skip the lineup, so the users can still enjoy the food and coffee without too much contact with strangers.

The Challenge

What makes this shopping app different from the food online pickup app?


This is the most challenging part of creating the app because there are other food delivery apps that offer online order and pick-up at store service. After conducting research on other store apps such as Starbucks and Tim Hortons, I thought of a Royalty system to attract users using the Libro Cafe shopping app.

The Prototype

The reward card

and home screen

Clear cart

Ordering coffee

and food

Add payment


As a designer, it is important to balance simplicity and elegance. We wanted to make sure our logo was identifiable at first glance. By incorporating the two-tone colour palette, we were able to keep the design idea simple.